Training Opportunities
The training search engine available on the Business Information page offers available on-line training courses compliant with the new state of emergency adult education regulations.

Both businesses and private individuals can participate in these training sessions. The search field allows filtering for free and paid training sessions, and general and specialized topics.  Useful training materials can also be accessed for developing remote learning skills.

The training search engine collects all on-line remote training opportunities, that are compliant with the new adult education regulations effective under the coronavirus pandemic, in one place. Due to their on-line remote training nature, these courses only offer theoretical training.  If practical instruction is also required, that will be available after the state of emergency has ended.

The course list was created with the participation of Hungarian adult education institutions. Some of the trainers have made parts or all of their courses and/or training materials free  of charge, with consideration to the pandemic.

The search engine and the course descriptions are available in Hungarian.

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